Booking Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to GoAthlete, your solution for team travel management.  We work closely with the event, its participants, and local hotels to ensure that there are enough rooms available to accommodate every traveling athlete and supporter.  GoAthlete has built an online hotel booking engine which allows individuals and large groups to hold and book up to 50 rooms rooms at their desired hotel. Using GoAthlete’s booking engine is simple, but we’ve provided instructions and F.A.Qs. below to help answer any questions you may have.

How to book your hotel room/s.

  1. Visit the hotel booking engine for your specific event. You can access this by visiting the official event website or searching GoAthlete's event list located on the mainmenu

  2. Scroll through the event's official hotels and find one that fits your group's parameters.

  3. Click on “View Options” located underneath the room rate.

  4. Choose which room type you would like.  Example; 1 King bed, 2 Double Beds, etc

  5. INDIVIDUAL BOOKING.  If you are ready to book your room, click on the “Book Your Room” button.  This will prompt you to enter payment and contact information. Upon pressing submit you will receive an email with your confirmation number and hotel information.

  6. TEAMS & GROUPS:  Team Managers.  If you would like to hold a block of rooms for your team, click on the “Teams & Groups, Hold Rooms” button.  This will prompt you to enter specific information regarding your team name, number of rooms needed, and contact information.  Upon submission,  a confirmation email will be sent to the person that placed the rooms on hold.  This confirmation email will contain specific information about the room block, as well as a unique link that should be sent to everyone that will be booking rooms within your special block.  These rooms will be held for your group for 7 days.  If an extension is needed, email us  

Frequently asked Questions

  • What is the deadline for making reservations via the booking engine?

    • The deadline to book rooms via the booking engine is generally 2 weeks before the event begins.  However, some events and hotels allow bookings until to the night before the event. 

  • How do I place a block of rooms on hold for my team and allow each room to be paid for individually?

    • Once you've located your desired property and room type from the booking engine, press the "Teams & Groups, Hold Rooms" button. This feature allows an individual to hold up to 50 rooms for their group for 7 days.  Once your rooms have been placed on hold, you will receive an email from with booking instructions.  Share your group's custom link with everyone traveling, and they will be able to book their rooms individually.   

  • What if there are not enough rooms available at the property of our choice to accommodate our entire team?

    •  Book your rooms early!  This is the best way to ensure that your group is able to stay at the property of your choice.  
      The longer you wait to book your rooms, the less availability the hotels will have to accommodate your group.  If you are unable to find a hotel on the booking engine that can accommodate your group, please call GoAthlete at 225-304-5577 and we will assist you.

  • What is the hotel room cancellation policy? 

    • Each hotel has its own cancellation policy.  Please be sure to read over the cancellation policy before confirming your reservation.

  • How do I change or cancel a reservation?

    • To make a room adjustment or cancel you reservation, 
      A.)  Email with your request.
      B.) Call GoAthlete at 225-304-5577.

  • How much will my credit card be charged when payment information is submitted?

    • $7.50 will be applied for each room that is booked throughout the booking engine.  This charge is nonrefundable and guarantees your room. 

  • What if we want to stay at a hotel that is not listed on the booking engine?   

    • If there is a hotel not currently listed that you would like to see added, please send us an email at  We cannot guarantee their participation, but will gladly reach out.